Northstar Funding Team | Dec 16, 2019

Guideline for Cash Deposits

Really interesting guideline for cash deposits. The borrower can deposit less than 50% of their total monthly income in cash and they won’t source it. • Large deposits are considered to be a single deposit where any unsourced portion of thedeposit ex…
Northstar Funding Team | Mar 20, 2018

Tax Season Tips from Vision Financial Group

Here are some links to tips for your returns this year courtesy of  Vision Financial Group CPAs LLP: Real estate deductions in NJ Best time to file your taxes Tax audits risks Check out Vision Financial Group CPAs LLP
Northstar Funding Team | Mar 15, 2018

Fannie Mae Potentially More Prohibitive on Ratios Over 45%

Desktop Underwriter/Desktop Originator Version 10.2 Release Please be aware of the latest version of DU (DU Version 10.2) is going live this weekend. It is possible that it may become more challenging to get Approved/Eligible findings with ratios ove…
Northstar Funding Team | Feb 9, 2018

How the GOP Tax Bill Affects Individual Taxpayers In 2018

President Trump signed his tax reform into law on December 22nd. You may already see changes in your take-home by the end of February. On top of lower tax rates, the bill nearly doubles the standard deduction to $12,000 for individuals and $24,000 fo…
Northstar Funding Team | Feb 9, 2018

How Much Would Bonds Need to Rally to Suggest a Broader Bounce?

The short answer is “to 10yr yields below 2.66% and ideally below 2.49%.”  Those are the levels we’d need to see in order to suggest a more substantial move lower in rates.  Unfortunately, the more germane questions involve rates on the other end of …
Northstar Funding Team | Jan 17, 2018

Mortgage Rates Highest in 9 Months

Mortgage rates were only moderately higher today, but the move was enough to officially bring them to the highest levels since the Spring of 2017.  In other words, most lenders’ rate quotes are fairly similar to recently bad days (like last Wednesday…