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  • Require only one FICO for each borrower and an AUS approval
  • DU or LP Permitted
  • Gift Funds: only copy of donor’s check required if funds are in borrowers account at submission or sent to title (FHA requires bank statements)
  • 2016 Expenses Not Counted: OK when bonus, OT & commissions are less than 25% of qualifying income
  • Delayed Financing: Cash out with less than 6 months ownership is OK for owner or non-owner loans
  • Asset Depletion: Permitted from employment assets (Fannie Mae & Jumbo Expanded)
  • Accessory Unit Income: Can be used on HomeReady program (Fannie Mae)
  • Max Financed Properties: Up to 10 financed properties on investment and second homes for conforming Fannie Mae loans with a 720 FICO. For primary loans there is no limit to the number of financed properties owned
  • Conventional 97% Program: For first time homebuyers or no property owned in the past 3 years. The 3% down payment can be a gift.


  • DELRAP & HRAP FHA-approval done in-house
  • USDA permitted with 620+ FICO
  • Standard and Streamline FHA & VA down to 580 FICO


  • Fixed to $2.5M
  • One Appraisal Required: Up to $1.5M for low LTV/CLTVs
  • Max 89.9% LTV: Up to $1.5M on 5/1 Expanded
  • Employment Asset Depletion: Permitted on 5/1 Expanded
  • Interest Only 5/1 ARM: Up to $2.5M with residual income

Affordable Lending — New HomeReady Program

  • Reduced MI coverage available
  • LLPAs Waived: Credit scores >680
  • Flexible Sources of Income: Non-occupant co-borrower, accessory unit, boarder income or rental income
  • Other household income may count as compensating factor
  • No minimum borrower contribution required for purchases of SFRs
  • Gifts, grants, community seconds or cash-on-hand may be used