Exceptional Financing for Foreign Nationals

One of the most foundational services necessary to insure the fluid and effective growth and stability of the real estate market is accessible funding. The ability to find conventional and non- conventional lending for residential, commercial and investment properties is a vital element in sustaining the market as a whole. One company that has a stellar reputation for providing a broad range of mortgage and lending services for potential home owners and investors is Northstar Funding.

Northstar Funding uses there vast knowledge and experience in the lending arena to provide multifarious lending solutions to a wide range of customers.

One area that Northstar excels at is in providing financing options for foreign national. Obtaining reasonable financing can be quite a challenge for a foreign national. There are certain issues inherently associated with conventional mortgages that can be difficult for foreign nationals such as documentation and length of residency.
Northstar focuses on providing a comprehensive lending platform; part of that dynamic platform is the ability to facilitate loans for foreign national home owners and investors.

Meeting the Challenge

The failure to see the importance of providing viable funding options to foreign nationals creates a significant gap in the natural flow of the real estate market. Foreign nationals play a vital role in the vitality of the market – making it extremely important to provide quality lending options to those who qualify.

The key is to create criteria and parameters that are reasonable in regards to the customer’s ability to meet them. Northstar works to ease the load of the requirements necessary for a foreign national to secure a loan.

The programs that are offered are designed to take into consideration the major challenges that foreign nationals encounter when attempting to secure a loan. Some of the highlights that make the programs offered through Northstar unique are:

  • As high as 90 percent LTV
  • Loans up to $10 million
  • No credit score requirements
  • The inclusion of condo-hotels (often excluded in most conventional approaches)
  • The ability to close the loan in a Trust, LLC or Corporation
  • The option to cash-out up to $5 million on recently purchased properties

Easing the Burden

One of the challenges that is often encountered by foreign nationals is the lack of a social security card and other documentation. The special programs offered by Northstar for foreign nationals don’t require a social security card, VISA or green card for approval. There is no Fico score required. The program will accept credit reports produced through foreign agencies in order to determine the credit worthiness of customers who are foreign nationals.

Northstar goes the extra mile to ensure that it provides an exceptional variety of programs for foreign nationals; however, foreign national mortgage loans are not the only services that Northstar provides. They also provide lending services that focus on non-warrantable Condo loans, mortgage funding for condo-hotels, commercial construction loans and more. You can visit there official site at to get more information.