Fannie Mae Potentially More Prohibitive on Ratios Over 45%

Desktop Underwriter/Desktop Originator Version 10.2 Release

Please be aware of the latest version of DU (DU Version 10.2) is going live this weekend.

It is possible that it may become more challenging to get Approved/Eligible findings with ratios over 45%.  Please see the complete Release Notes from Fannie (see link below).  So if you are tight on reserves, higher LTV and ratios over 45%, please look to get registered. This way findings can be run before end of business on Friday.

This is simply a cautionary approach at this point as it is not certain whether or not ratios over 45% will or will not get approved.

Other notable changes:

  • Condo Verbiage
  • No more PIW’s (Property Inspection Waivers) on Investment Properties (when using the rental to qualify)

Fannie Mae DU Version 10.2 Notes