Fulfill your Financing Needs with NorthStar Funding

Investing in real assets is a strategy investment promoted by many. However, there can be many obstacles to your investment if you do not know where to start. NortStar Funding is the best company at your service if you are in that situation.

Getting a loan in a foreign country can be really challenging because the credit scores are not established exactly the same way everywhere. Thankfully, NorthStar Funding has a product that can fit your specific needs. We offer Foreign National Mortgage loans made specifically for those situations.

When using our company to acquire real estate in the United States, you do not need a social security number, a green card or a VISA. A simple passport with a second for of ID is enough. We offer loans from $300,000 to $10,000,000 for as high as 90% of the property value.
We are available to provide you with any information you require about taxes or various times to buy or sale. You can apply for a loan online or call us directly at (800) 917-1595. We are here to listen to your various needs and ensure they are fulfilled to your satisfaction. You will need to provide us with your income documentation but if your project is solid, we will analyze it.

Even though they are not our standard loans, amounts over 10 million dollars will be considered if they are documented appropriately. We even allow for cross collateralization if you are looking to get a loan on a property that already has a mortgage. Our highly trained professionals will guide you towards the best option for your specific situation.
We also offer Mortage Financing Condo Hotels if this is what you are looking to invest in. We specialize in loans ranging from $500,000 to $3,000,000 for completely constructed condotels with a full-kitchen, one separate bedroom or more units that measure at least 500 square foot. We can finance up to 25% of one single project for an amount that represents 75% of the units’ value.

To help you with your project, we can also help to finance your clients’ condo, through our Non-warrantable Condo Loans. We accept low budget reserves and up to 60% investor concentration. Those loans can be taken up to 80% of the property value. When we evaluate your project, we consider your homeowner association deficiencies based on 60 days.

Whatever your financing needs are, they are worth discussing with NorthStar Funding. We are here to make things easier even if you are financing from another country or a big project. Submit your application today to reach our professionals which will help you achieve your dreams!