Lock, Shop & Drop Loans

Our Lock, Shop, and Drop program combines 3 different features into one easy tool that will set you apart from all the other buyers when speaking with agents and builders.   Most people are saying the same thing…. reliable, access to investors that can close on time and deliver the rate they promise, etc.  Set yourself apart with what we can help you offer.  Let me explain…


Are you afraid of rising interest rates?  Do you need a certain interest rate to qualify?  Can you not lock with other banks because you did not identify a property address?  We will allow you LOCK in a rate for your customer up to 120 days with or without an address and there is NO FEE to do this.


We want to give our clients, agent or builder the peace of mind knowing the buyer is fully credit approved?  Maybe your agent or builder requires an approval beforehand?  Want to move to closing super quick after finding a property?  We will underwrite your loan file without an address and with minimal documents so that you can SHOP around for a home knowing you are credit approved.  Once a property is found we are close to CTC pending a contract, appraisal, title and some TRID docs.  You are looking at closing roughly 5 to 10 business day after contract execution.


Do you want to take advantage of better rates when they improve?  Would they like to do this without paying a fee?  Do you want to feel protected the next time a country decides they may want to leave the EU?  Once they find a property use our NO COST Rate Float Down option to DROP the rate based on current market. Together we can tackle the purchase market! Contact us for more information.