Dear Clients & Friends,

Please note that everyone that owns a Primary Residence in NYS and had being eligible for the Star Rebate Program in the past was required to re register before December 31, 2013 to ensure they will receive the Star Rebate going forward. There was notification sent to all homeowners in NYS in 2013 but some taxpayers have failed to register. There is still a limited time available to register by going to the NYS Department of Taxation & Finance website
– Star Rebate Registration.

Google NYS STAR REBATE and go to the registration section.
call (518) 457-2036

Senior Citizens receiving the ENCHANCED STAR exemption are not affected only those applying for the BASIC STAR exemption.

Registration will take 4 minutes and you will need to provide your Star Code (Star Code lookup available on the site) your name, address and social security number.

This is a one time event that NYS Tax initiated as there was a lot of Fraud so they need all to re-register.

Regards to all & have a prosperous new year.