Conventional 97% Financing

Home Ready

  1. Not required to be a first time home buyer
  2. Income Limits: 80% of AMI most areas. Higher percentages avaialble for high minoritycensus tracks or homes in disaster areas
  3. MI Coverage: 25% MI coverage for LTV ratios 90.1 - 97%. Standard MI for 90% or lower.
  4. Pre-Purchase homeownership education required
  5. Purchase transactions only

Fannie Mae Standard

  1. Must be a first time home buyer
  2. No Income limits
  3. Standard MI rates
  4. No homeownership education required

Northstar Funding Inc – NMLS 139369
Licensed Mortgage Correspondent Lender State of Connecticut (#MCL-139369); Licensed Mortgage Broker State of Florida (#MBR708); Licensed Mortgage Lender State of Maryland (#21674); Licensed Correspondent Residential Mortgage Lender State of New Jersey (#0751973); Registered Mortgage Broker State of New York (#A007412); Licensed Mortgage Broker Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (#44493); Licensed Loan Broker State of Rhode Island (#20143018LB); California License (#60DBO61184 ); Licensed Mortgage Broker District of Columbia (#MLB139369); North Carolina Mortgage Broker License (#B-175236); Colorado Mortgage Company Registration

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Registered Mortgage Broker-NYS Banking Department. Loans arranged through third party venders
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