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NY Owner Occupied or Secondary Home Stated/No Income Verification Loan

Quontic Bank

“A game changing portfolio program!”

75% LTV to $1.5mm No Tax returns just VOE or Borrower 12 month P&L
<= 54% to mm to income and liabilities not listed DTI not calculated for SE or W2
1 to 4 family
Condo’s warrantable or non-warrantable
NY CEMA’s yes
Just One-month bank statement
3 month to 6 month reserves
Gifts okay for Down Payment and reserves
5/1, 7/1, 15 year or 30 year fixed options
Unlimited C/O 
Rates start at 5.375 on the 5/1 ARM and adjust for credit score (min 680) and LTV

Also, other portfolio program offerings Foreign National and DSCR


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