Lake Mary, FL

Closed on May 08,2018
Purchased for $265,000.00


Loan Product: 1 Year Tax Returns Program

Lake Mary
piggy-300x183 If you are self-employed and your income fluctuates, we offer a loan program that requires only 1-year tax returns. Non-occupant co-borrower OK! Minimum FICO of 620 and closing credit card accounts are not required. Eligible Transactions:
  • Purchase
  • Rate & Term (Limited Cash-out) Refinance
  • Cash-out Refinance

Yes... 1 Year Tax Returns For Self Employed Borrowers

Yes... Freddie Open Access

Yes... Non Occupant Co-borrowers Ok!

Yes... Cash Out On High Balance Loans Down To A 620 Fico

Yes... Not Required To Close Out Credit Cards At Closing

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