Seven things that kill your home sale

5ce5ff079ad1e8a2fcf52172caac4fb9 Your home can be immaculate, in a great neighborhood and priced right. But when a prospective buyer walks in, they can be persuaded to turn and walk out. Obviously, they’re motivated; otherwise they wouldn’t have wasted the trip.If your home has any of following six problems, you may see the buyers turn on their heels and head in the direction of the next property. Two of them, you can’t do much about. The others can be fixed, but the cost ranges from not much to quite a bit.

Seven deal-breakers for homebuyers

The backyard isn’t family-friendly

The back yard is something that potential home buyers give great consideration to when buying a home. They imagine cookouts, landscaping, gardens, kids playing and tire swings. If it doesn’t match up to their expectations, it’s a deal breaker… and there’s not much you can do about it.


You can try to cover it up but it’s going to be found in the inspection if you have it. Fixes range from a new piece of drywall behind the bathroom sink to calling out a remediation crew. Don’t hide it, especially if you’ve spent the money to have it removed.

Foundation problems

A crack in the foundation can cause a myriad of other mostly cosmetic, but costly, repairs, from repairing drywall to doorframes. Many buyers walk away from foundation problems. Most lenders require foundation problems to be repaired before closing. And even a fixed foundation can be a deal-breaker because potential homeowners are worried about the damage that it has caused.

Personal belongings

Your sense of style and taste may not appeal to the potential buyer. Ask your REALTOR® about staging your home for sale. He or she will have some suggestions about what should be put in storage until you complete the move. For higher end homes, you may want to consider hiring a staging consultant.

The house is dirty or smelly

Pets, mildew, smoke… these are all turn-offs to potential buyers. Permanent smells and stains, if they aren’t a deal-breaker, may mean you’ll have to drop the price on your home because the new owner will have to pay to have it cleaned or do it themselves… which can be a big undertaking.

Pest infestation

This is especially true of termites. The damage they can cause is not always immediately apparent. A certified termite inspector knows what to look for and how to eradicate them.


You can have the perfect house, the right number of bedrooms, a great kitchen, plenty of storage space, a clean inspection and a perfect back yard, but if the location is horrible, your house is going to sit for a while.